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The ETSI Specialist Task Force on IoT Virtualisation publishes its final results

The ETSI Specialist Task Force (STF 535) has published its final results under the form of three Technical Reports:TR 103 527 - Virtualized IoT Architectures with Cloud Back-endsTR 103 528 - Landscape for open source and standards for cloud native software applicable for a Virtualized IoT service layerTR 103 529 - IoT over Cloud back-ends: A Proof of ConceptThe purpose of the project was to analyse the applicability of virtualisation to the IoT system, outline which can of architectures ...
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Published: July 31, 2018

A chapter on Cybersecurity in "EU Global Strategy and Human Security"

A paper, co-authored with Geneviève Schméder, has been published in the book "EU Global Strategy and Human Security". The EU objective of developing a cyber ‘soft’ power privileging defence, resilience and civil society, sharply contrasts with national cybersecurity policies developed both inside and outside Europe. The paper addresses the main threats induced by cybersecurity and provides a description of the mechanisms put in place by the European Commission in support of ...
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Published: April 23, 2018

ETSI Specialist Task Force on Privacy, Security and Interoperability (STF 547) launched

ETSI has launched the STF (Specialist Task Force) 547, funded by the European Commission, with the participation of CommLedge (Emmanuel Darmois) as Project Manager and Expert. The topics addressed are:Privacy: user-centric privacy; use cases; guidelines Security: how to built IoT systems with security at the core; guidelines Semantic Interoperability: analysis of success and failures; guidelines for developersInteroperability of platforms: interoperability framework; the use of IIoT; ...
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Published: March 29, 2018
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