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We are immaterial and provide rearrangements of electrons and bytes. With some results.

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The ICT industry is vibrant and constantly changing, but not all changes should be of concern to us, at least in our view. This is why our blogs try to reflect on the longer-term implications rather than focus on the short-term, however important it is for the day-to-day business. We have a point of view and some areas of focus.

One major on-going evolution is the fast expansion of ICT in new industries where it brings its capacities of disruption, with new technologies, but more importantly new business models, new business processes, and also new cultures. Two of areas of concern at this moment are Machine-to-Machine and Smart Grids.

You can help us by bringing more focus on our approaches, more relevance in our diagnostics and more humbleness in our proclamations.


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Analyzing the world in the form of blog posts is not enough to be heard and only the focused ones will survive. To acquire relevance, most of our work must – and will – become more structured, self-contained and lively publications, eBooks in various form-factors, over multiple platforms. We are a young company and our objects will appear on the market starting now. Given the variety of our centers of interest, our catalog will be open and eclectic.

We can help you in shaping your technical communication strategy; create its main messages and slogans; expose its benefits and timelines. And quite importantly too, we can develop technical communication objects (papers, brochures, even books) that will concretely put your strategy on the web in the electronic formats that a modern communication requires.


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Our activity is focused on a few domains of expertise, with an important involvement in standardization, technically and institutionally. A pervasive ICT means both that IT and communication technologies can be applied to new domains (and in return be changed by the new requirements these domains bring) and that more complex systems can – and will – be developed that will bring the challenges of interoperability one level of magnitude higher.

We can help in addressing some of your pressing issues with an open mind and a sharp eye. Not just in search of disruption, but more pragmatically to provide solutions based on our experience and a careful balance of strategy and tactics.


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Our company site is self-hosted, self-developed, building on the web experience of its founders. We have a strong interest in developing useful technical objects also when it is about web sites, applications for smart phones.

We can support you in developing your projects from start to end on every aspect of product design, development and testing as well as on the essential angle of market access and visibility.