Communication & Knowledge: the new IT revolution

Internet of Things

This domain (which is part of our top areas of changes) is becoming one of our main topic of attention and work. The main reasons for this:
  • Internet of Things is a fast maturing industry.
  • Standardization is (and will be even more int he future) a key enabler.
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Some points of attention

Internet of Things as a technical domain is vast and complex. The variety of industry segments (ICT, of course, but also energy, e-Health, etc.) and of the stakeholders (users, customers, service providers, vendors, regulators, etc.) makes it even more difficult to identify the major issues. Our work, in standards in particular, is done along these lines.

Our overall approach is, at this point of the development of the Internet of Things, to focus on the following aspects:
  • Landscaping of IoT Standardization
  • Identification of technology, business and usage gaps
  • Large Scale Deployments
  • Dissemination of information
  • Application to specific domains (e.g. Smart Home)