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A global view of IoT Systems

IoT systems are often seen as an extension to existing systems needed because of the (potentially massive) addition of networked devices. However, this approach does not consider essential characteristics of IoT systems that advocate a different - and more effective - approach where the IoT system is at the centre of attention of those who want to make them happen: an “IoT-centric” view.

Most of the above-mentioned essential characteristics may be found in other ICT-based systems. However, the main difference with IoT systems is that they all have to be dealt with simultaneously. The most essential ones are:
  • A large variety of potential stakeholders.
  • Privacy as a make or break property.
  • Very strong interoperability requirements.
  • Security as an essential enabling property for Trust.
  • Integration of potentially very diverse technologies.
  • Cloud-based and Edge-based Deployments.
  • Dealing with legacy without compromising the “IoT centric” approach.

ETSI Specialist Task Force on Privacy, Security and Interoperability (STF 547)

ETSI has launched the STF (Specialist Task Force) 547, funded by the European Commission, with the participation of CommLedge (Emmanuel Darmois) as Project Manager and Expert. The topics addressed:
  • Privacy: user-centric privacy; use cases; guidelines
  • Security: how to built IoT systems with security at the core; guidelines
  • Semantic Interoperability: analysis of success and failures; guidelines for developers
  • Interoperability of platforms: interoperability framework; the use of IIoT; guidelines
  • Teaching material for privacy and security practitioners

Main results

The final results will be the following Technical Reports (TR):
  • TR 103 533 (due Feb. 2019) - Security; Standards Landscape and best practices
  • TR 103 534 (due Feb. 2019) - Teaching Material: Part 1 (Security) and Part 2 (Privacy)
  • TR 103 535 (due Feb. 2019) - Guidelines for semantic interoperability in industry
  • TR 103 536 (due Feb. 2019) - Interoperability / interworking of existing IoT Platforms
  • TR 103 537 (due Feb. 2019) - Plugtests preparation on Semantic Interoperability
  • TR 103 591 (due Feb. 2019) - Privacy; Standards Landscape and best practices

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